Adivinanza de la guitarra

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  • Luis de Milán
  • Enríquez de Valderrábano
  • Fernando Sor
  • Edvard Grieg
  • Manuel de Falla
  • Reginald Smith Brindle
  • Ángel Barrios


This collection of hidden gems, ranging from Renaissance vihuela works by Milán and Valderrábano, a classical work by Sor, and a guitar transcription of Grieg’s romantic piano piece to avant-garde works by Falla and Brindle and flamenco-style works by Ángel Barrios, symbolises Kazu Suwa’s personal interpretation of Federico García Lorca’s poem ‘Adivinanaza de la guitarra (Riddle of the Guitar)’ as a way to explore the essence of the Spanish guitar.

This extensive selection also traces the ever changing music styles and philosophies behind them throughout Renaissance to 20th century while exhibiting the everlasting quality of the Spanish guitar: its warm, vibrant and sensual sonority and lyricism that keeps capturing listeners’ imagination.

Note: This album includes a very valuable and informative liner notes written by Granada's leading biographer Mr Ismael Ramos for the works of the composer Ángel Barrios. Available in English, Spanish and Japanese.

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"Wide variety of works, ranging from Milán to Brindle, were excellently expressed with the first class interpretation both technically and musically. Finely detailed liner notes in three languages (English, Spanish and Japanese) are very good. This is a recommended disc."

Gendai Guitar Magazine (Tokyo, Japan)


“It opens with a trio of slightly solemn 16th century pieces … then picks up the energy with a lovely rendering of a piece by Sor. Suwa does a fine job on both the lyrical passages and the occasionally speedy runs that require deft and precise fingering. … Norwegian Edvard Grieg’s piano work Ensom vandre… is one of the prettiest pieces on the disc; and British composer Reginald Smith Brindle’s El Polifemo de Oro makes for a dour but effective companion to the preceding version of de Falla’s Homenaje pour Le Tombeau de Claude Debussy…. The tone of the album then shifts dramatically for the rest of the disc, which is generous selection of pieces by Spanish composer/guitarist Angel Barrios…. Hearing this large concentration of pieces was quite a revelation to me; as I’d only heard a few of these in isolation here and there. All are deeply imbued with an appealing Spanish lyricism and romanticism…. [T]here is genuine passion in these works, and the emotions evoked in a ballads like Eloísa and Jardin granadino are profound. I can’t tell you why this Barrios’ works aren’t played more than they seem to be, but perhaps this album will help change that. Hats off to Kazu Suwa for presenting such a deep dive into this relatively unheralded repertoire, and so beautifully!"

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Blair Jackson, Classical Guitar Magazine (USA)


A winning Spanish tribute from Japanese guitarist

It’s a wonderfully eclectic collection that is unapologeticcally Spanish, which is rather refreshing with so many classical guitarists today trying to establish a sort of disconnection with the country most associated with the guitar…. The Barrios pieces are a real find, and well worth the price of the recording. Kazu Suwa has found a way to link these pieces together with a fresh and searching perspective. This recording is certainly worth investigating."

Classical Guitar Magazine – Quarterly Summer 2018 Issue (USA)


Track Listing:

Luis de Milán:

  • Fantasía X
  • Fantasía VIII

Enríquez de Valderrábano:

  • Soneto

Fernando Sor:

Introduction et variations sur l’Air: Que ne suis-je la fougère! Op. 26:

  • Intro. : Andante
  • Thême
  • Var. 1
  • Var. 2
  • Var. 3 : Lento cantabile
  • Var. 4 : Andante Allegro

Edvard Grieg:

  • Ensom vandrer (Solitary traveler) from Lyric pieces Book 3, Op. 43, No. 2 Arranged by Kazu Suwa

Manuel de Falla:

  • Homenaje pour Le Tombeau de Claude Debussy

Reginald Smith Brindle:

El Polifemo de Oro, Quattro frammenti per chitarra

  • No 1 : Ben Adagio
  • No 2 : Allegretto
  • No 3 : Largo
  • No 4 : Ritmico e Vivo

Ángel Barrios:

  • Flor Granadina Cristinilla
  • Cristinilla
  • Eloísa
  • De Cádiz a La Habana
  • Viejo romance
  • Jardín granadino
  • Rosario de la aurora
  • Arroyos de la Alhambra: Evocación
  • Arroyos de la Alhambra: Tonadilla

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