Remote Online Classical Guitar Lessons (Worldwide)

Kazu Suwa Classical Guitar Lessons

Kazu offers inspirational and comprehensive one-to-one instruction that helps aspiring guitarists of all levels progress with confidence. He will guide you through all the important aspects of the guitar from improving dexterity and interpretative skills to polishing your unique musicality and expressiveness so that you have total command of the instrument and the music.

Crafted to be most effective interactive online video learning program, the combination of real-time remote video lessons and the bespoke multimedia learning platform offers you a structured and monitored learning path that will bring you very exciting musical experience and the best results that go beyond traditional in-person lessons.

Brief overview of the lessons

Available Area

  • Global (given that fast internet connection is available).
  • Lessons are provided in English, Spanish or Japanese. Currently, students in the UK, the EU, Asia, and Middle have been enjoying Kazu's remote online coaching.


  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Diploma

Lessons will focus on the following aspects depending on the levels and preference of each student:

Beginner and Intermediate students

  • Basic classical guitar playing techniques (proper posture and right and left hand technique)
  • Sight reading skills
  • Basic music theory and analysis
  • Tonal quality

Advanced and Diploma-level students

  • Advanced techniques
  • Sight reading skills
  • Comprehension of the reason behind fingerings
  • Music theory and Analysis
  • Musicianship and interpretative skills
  • Tonal quality
  • Building a wide range of repertoire

Fundamental Characteristics of Kazu's Teaching

Kazu Suwa Classical Guitar Lessons

Individual approach

Kazu sees the common one-size-fits-all approach as a disadvantage because it assumes that every student learns in the same way. In reality, each obstacle has a different root cause unique to an individual or a situation. Kazu will immediately spot and analyse such causes and provide students with personalised solutions that bring instant result.

Inspirational Lessons

Kazu is a passionate and supportive educator. His wealth of experience, personality and relaxed teaching style will not only help you reach new heights of excellence but also make your musical journey even more meaningful and long-lasting.

Holistic approach

Playing the guitar is a complex art form. The best way of mastering the classical guitar is to develop a combination of different skills holistically. Kazu will guide you through all the important aspects of playing the guitar, from techniques, music theory, analysis and interpretation of music to polishing your tone production and your unique musicality and expressiveness, in a very organic way. Every single discovery will not only help you become a better musician but also awake your curiosity about music as never before.

Expert in-depth guidance

With over 20 years' experience teaching from beginners to advanced guitarists, Kazu has an ability to immediately spot the causes of the problems you may encounter and break them down for you so you can easily overcome them. All the guidance given by Kazu is structured targeting both short and medium-term objectives of each member, which will be constantly updated according to the progress.

There are so many tricks and logic that instantly elevate the quality of classical guitar performance. Kazu will share all professional skills and knowledge with you to save your time and effort.

Lesson Plans

Basic plan is the Live Webcam Video Lessons. If you'd like to enjoy the full potential of Kazu's coaching, you can add the Multimedia Platform plan which will drastically accelerate your development.

It is possible to sign up for Multimedia Platform only if time difference is a problem for live video sessions.

Online Live Webcam Classical Guitar Instruction (Skype or Zoom)

Kazu Suwa Classical Guitar Lessons - Realtime Video (Skype / Zoom)

Live online remote classical guitar sessions via video conferencing programs such as Skype or Zoom.

Personalized one-to-one online classical guitar sessions are very effective ways of improving your classical guitar techniques, correcting bad habits, and expanding and consolidating your musical knowledge and repertoire.

Main features of live online webcam instruction

  • Great solution for anyone who seeks high-quality classical guitar instruction.
  • Clear close-up views by a dedicated camera.
  • Great solution for everyone who is passionate about learning and improving classical guitar playing technique. If you are living in a remote area or in a different country, physical distance is no longer a barrier to accessing high-quality classical guitar guidance.
  • Qualified students can combine this remote live webcam sessions with proprietary Online Interactive Multimedia Platform plan to maximize the effectiveness and learning experience.

All you need is a laptop/desktop computer or tablet, a webcam and a reliable internet connection.

If you are looking for quality classical guitar guidance online, please contact Kazu using the contact form below.

Classical Guitar Instruction on Online Interactive Multimedia Platform

Kazu Suwa Classical Guiar Lessons - Multimedia Platform

A unique custom-tailored interactive multimedia platform that helps you improve your guitar playing drastically.

Distinctive advantages of the platform

Exclusively Made for You

Every single tutorial with multimedia materials (videos, images, written instruction) is exclusively prepared and made for you in response to a real-time video session or a submitted video of your playing and questions. Kazu analyses each submitted video by members to set up their short-term and mid-term goals in his file, which will then be reflected in following tailor-made multimedia tutorials. In this way, members will have clear goals and solutions every time, resulting in drastic progress. This is one of the most distinctive advantages over mass-orientated online music learning platforms that offer generic tutorials and/or one-off advice without any progressive plan for learners.

Effective and Structured

Topics discussed during live webcam sessions will be summarized and updated on your "My Lessons" page, followed by corresponding supplementary multimedia tutorials. You can go over all the lesson contents and following-up tutorial material at any time and thus you will no longer have to worry about forgetting or missing guidance. Details of the instruction, including questions and answers, are sorted by dates so that you can see your progress and achievement.


You can ask Kazu questions on every private tutorial page of the platform at any time and be provided with help without having to wait for the next session. Asking and solving questions is one of the key elements to progress. You can also post videos and images (e.g., sheet music) to describe your questions or problems.


distance, time difference, or busy lifestyle are no longer a barrier to access high-quality classical guitar course.

Note: To join this multimedia platform, you should start with live webcam sessions first.


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