Informal essays about anything related to classical guitar and music by Kazu Suwa. Some essays include an audio or video sample.


Federico Mompou: Song and Dance No.10 (about Two Canticles of Alfonso X of Castile) for guitar

Song and Dance No.10 by Federico Mompou was originally written for piano in 1953 and later transcribed for guitar by… more

Federico Mompou: Recomençament, Primitivism, Bell Sounds

Mompou was strongly influenced by French Impressionists composers. However, instead of simply following the… more

Unmeasured preludes (the origin of the preludes)

In the 17th century, French lutenists and harpsichordists developed the unmeasured prelude. An unmeasured prelude is a… more

Francisco Tárrega: Prelude No.2 in A minor

Prelude No.2 was composed on 16 March 1896 in Barcelona and dedicated to Miguel Llobet. Often preludes were conceived… more

Francisco Tárrega: ¡Adelita! (Mazurka)

Legend has it that the piece Adelita owes its name to Adela Aymerich, the allegedly illegitimate daughter of the King… more

Francisco Tárrega: Prelude in E Major (Una Lágrima)

Legend has it that "Una Lágrima (A Teardrop)" is Tarrega’s reaction to the death of his daughter “Conchita”. Returning… more