Francisco Tárrega: Prelude in E Major (Una Lagrima)

Francisco Tárrega

Legend has it that 'Una Lágrima (A Teardrop)' is Tarrega’s reaction to the death of his daughter Conchita.

Returning home from a concert tour in Mallorca, Spain in December of 1891, Tarrega’s wife, Maria José Rizo, informed him that Conchita had passed on three days earlier.

The piece alternates between a theme in E major and its parallel minor. I wonder if it is a reflection of Tárrega's sweet and gentle memories of his daughter and turbulent and melancholic emotion....

There is another legend that states that Tárrega was terribly homesick during his tour in London/England and the title 'Lágrima (teardrop)' owns its name to the moment of sadness, which seems very unlikely.

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