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Useful online source of information about fine handmade guitars and makers all over the world!

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  • Classical Guitar Compendium

About Classical Guitar Compendium

I launched this Classical Guitar Compendium project in 2013 in order to provide useful information to those who are in search of ideal guitars as well as to raise awareness about the world of handmade guitars and luthiers for those who are new to this fascinating world.

I am conducting interviews with high-quality guitar makers all over the world. I will cover a broad topic in a single interview, from philosophy of making good guitars to how to obtain good playability, including the design, finishing methods and materials.

I hope this website serves as a useful source of information and inspiration for all guitar lovers from players to knowledgeable collectors or luthiers so that all of us can benefit from this beautiful tradition.

Feedback is always welcome, please don't hesitate to leave a comment or contact me using the contact form.