Classical Guitar Lessons in Central London, UK

Classical guitarist Kazu Suwa invites those seeking bespoke one-to-one classical guitar lessons in Central London (United Kingdom).

Playing classical guitar is a physical, emotional, and intellectual activity. This is one of the many reasons that playing the guitar makes us feel complete. But this is also the reason that learners need a dedicated professional help to master this rewarding but challenging instrument.

Playing the classical guitar means performing an interpretation of a composition. Every time a musical composition is interpreted, it opens to a new possibility of the way it sounds because the player revives the music through his/her own expression and statement. This is a very satisfying experience and one of the reasons that classical music has eternal life; classical music has been performed countless times for centuries, and yet we are still enjoying playing and listening to it.

With this aim in mind, Kazu Suwa’s approach consists of roughly three parts.

Development of technical proficiency:

It is very important that a guitarist has a good development of technical proficiency that enables him/her to concentrate fully on the delivery of the utmost meaning of a composition that he/she wants to convey.

Development of sight-reading proficiency:

The role of a classical guitar player is similar to the one of an actor/actress in the theater, the difference being that the guitarist conveys a story through musical sounds. However, to be able to tell a story, one must know about the story itself in the first place. That’s why the development of sight-reading skills is paramount.

The development of sight-reading skills will broaden the player’s horizons and enables him/her to find meanings in the composition.

Development of performing skills:

Proper acquisition of both technical and sight-reading proficiency will enable the player to begin the interpretation.

In the theater, the same simple line of a script can be expressed in so many different ways by different actors/actresses, but we will surely know when the rendering is appropriate or stunning. In guitar playing, it happens in the same way.

Improving musical techniques for details such as articulation, dynamic, tonal quality, and proper string damping play a huge role in the final impression.

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