Classical guitar luthier: Amalia Ramírez from José Ramírez (Spain)


Actually, our history is too old and long to summarise here.  Our workshop is the oldest in terms of Spanish guitars, handed down from from parents to sons.  The founder was my great-grandfather, José Ramírez I, who learned this business when he was 12 in 1870.  However, the latest research shows that there is a possibility that his father, who was a member of a woodworkers' trade union, as well as all the other guitar makers of that period...


Classical guitar luthier: Victoria Velasco y José Antonio Lagunar from Manuel Contreras (Spain)

Manuel Contreras Cover Image

Our workshop Manuel Contreras was established in 1962.  The founder Manuel G. Contreras (1928-1994) became an independent luthier after having worked as a reputable cabinetmaker for years, having been introduced to the world of luthiery by working at the workshop of José Ramírez III for two years...