Interview with classical guitarists on their CD releases.

Interview with Giovanni Piacentini (USA): Album "CHIAROSCURO"

Giovanni Piacentini: Album "CHIAROSCURO"

Today's guest is Giovanni Piacentini from USA.

Guitarist and composer Giovanni will tell us about his debut album ‘CHIAROSCURO’, which consists of three works: ‘CHIAROSCURO Suite in five movements for solo Classical Guitar’,  ‘CHASING SHADOWS for Violin and Chamber Ensemble’ and ‘MINIATURES for Chamber Ensemble (Based on paintings by Odilon Redon)’.


Brazilian classical guitarist Álvaro Henrique carries the 2016 Olympic flame

Alvaro Henrique

There are just three months to go until the start of the Rio 2016 Olympics. 2016 is the year of Brazil, whose musical contribution to the guitar world in the last century has been immense. Today, I'm pleased to present you Álvaro Henrique, a Brazilian classical guitarist who participated in the Olympic Torch Relay.