Francisco Tárrega: Prelude in E Major (Una Lágrima)

Francisco Tárrega: Prelude in E Major (Una Lágrima)

Prelude in E Major (Una Lágrima) by Francisco Tárrega, have been, toghether with "Adelita", one of the most beloved pieces by many guitar players, from beginners to professionals. 


Francisco Tárrega's Prelude in E Major (Una Lágrima)

Legend has it that "Una Lágrima (A Teardrop)" is Tarrega’s reaction to the death of his daughter “Conchita”.  Returning home from a concert tour in Majorca in December of 1891, Tarrega’s wife informed him that Conchita had passed on three days earlier.  The piece alternates between a theme in E major and its parallel minor.  I wonder if it is a reflection of Tárrega's sweet and gentle memories of his daughter and turbulent and melancholic emotion...

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