Generation of ’27

Generation of ’27, Part 6 Manuel de Falla: Homenaje pour Le Tombeau de Claude Debussy

Manuel de Falla is one of the most notable composers of the generation. I’d like to point out his important involvement with the cultural movement in Granada, and especially, the friendship with the poet Federico García Lorca and French composer Claude Debussy.

This article is about Falla’s only guitar work, “Homenaje pour Le Tombeau de Claude Debussy”.


Generation of ’27, Part 5 “Riddle of the guitar" | Reginald Smith Brindle: Golden Polyphemus

Federico García Lorca's “Seis Caprichos (Six Caprices)” from a large series of poems “Poema del cante jondo” was dedicated to his guitarist friend Regino Sáinz de la Maza.The title “Six Caprices” insinuates the six strings of the guitar

I’d like to present the first poem of the series, “Adivinanza de la guitarra (Riddle of the guitar)”. It is well known that “El Polifemo de Oro (Polyphemus of gold)”, a fantastic work of a British composer Reginald Smith Brindle was inspired by this poem.


Generation of ’27, Part 4 “Duende” | “Theory and Play of the Duende” by Federico García Lorca

Federico García Lorca

Many classical/flamenco guitar enthusiasts who enjoy Spanish repertoire, or those who are in love with Lorca’s art, the concept “Duende” might be a crucial.

Federico García Lorca gave the famous lecture called “Theory and Play of the Duende” in Buenos Aires in Argentina in 1933. The Duende is usually associated with the flamenco culture, but Lorca defines it as a universal artistic concept.