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Book Review: "My First Guitar" by Julia Crowe


A classical/flamenco guitar luthier John Ray (Granada, Spain) has kindly collabotrated with this blog to review a book called "My First Guitar: Tales of True Love and Lost Chords from 70 Legendary Musicians" by Julia Crowe.  

Ms Crowe is a columnist for Classical Guitar Magazine (U.K.) and Gendai Guitar (Japan).  She has also written cover stories, features and reviews for Acoustic Guitar Magazine, Guitar Player, FRETS, Downbeat, Soundboard and Mel Bay's webzine, Guitarsessions.



A MAGICIAN OF GUITAR ADJUSTMENT - Round Table Talk (Masaru Matano, Shiro Arai, Rikuro Hiyama) : Japan Music Trades Magazine (November 1972)

Mr. Masaru Matano's guitar making tools

This article "A MAGICIAN OF GUITAR ADJUSTMENT" first appeared in "Japan Music Trades", a popular music industry magazine in Japan, in November 1972.  This article is available again on this blog courtesy of Japan Music Trades.  I am really grateful to Japan Music Trades for their generous and kind support.